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About HS3D Visualization

HS3D is one of the leading architectural Visualization firm in India. HS3D specializes in creating realistic illustrations for various sectors i.e. Residential, Commercial, Industrial and more.
We work closely with architects and interior designers & Developers around the world to understand their needs to sell/produce their ideas,designs & visions into breathtaking 3D visuals.

We can enrich your marketing promotion for you commercial and residential Properties, Hotel and Retail buildings.
We bring new designs to virtual 3D life, allowing you to see everything in it`s glory as though it was already built or produced.
We are often an aid to architectural design throughout the process of preparing the marketing material.

Our Company provides a complete range of digital visualization services in the field of CG Architecture which means one stop solution for all your 3D presentation needs.
All our services are a cost-effective solution which adds a great value to all your marketing, Advertising and creative needs.

The company functions in a challenging environment. Headed by team of visionaries who are keen and passionate about their work.


Since founding HS3DINDIA in 2010, Prem Singh has provided leadership and exceptional client service on a number of Hs3dindia projects. Prem Singh is well known for his listening skills and affable leadership style, and a strong aptitude for design and construction.


Narender Singh is the founding principal of HS3DINDIA. Narender Singh has a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a quality project and strides to encourage innovative solutions to challenges posed by tight programmes and budgetary constraints using the latest available technology.


Nirlep Kaur is the founding principal of HS3DINDIA. Nirlep is known by her clients and the studio for her critical insight and passion for design. Interior Designing is an art, so, as an artist, Nirlep fully embraces working with different aspects of design and creativity, as well as with different mediums and techniques, in order to constantly grow and improve her Designs.



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