Virtual Tours – a new trend of real estate marketing in COVID-19 era

Traditionally in real estate selling or buying a property involves several steps. A real estate agent will provide a long list of properties to his/her clients, then comes explanation, negotiation, and then finally comes a real-life visit.
This process is hectic and time consuming for both sellers and buyers.

But now the time is changing.

Virtual Reality which was typically known for the gaming and entertainment industry is now changing the face of architectural visualization and marketing. 

3D Virtual Tours which are developed using the same technology are now gaining popularity in buyers and sellers.
So what makes it popular in Real Estate.

Improves client reach:

With traditional ways where agents have to spend several days to finalize one deal, their client reach was limited.
Now, most property visiting work is done online agents are getting more productive as they can utilize their time to gain more clients.
Also with Virtual Tours, it is easy to showcase properties to long-distance clients 

Saves Time and Money:
With Virtual Tours available online buyers can visit multiple properties in one go and shortlist their favorites for the final decision. 

Also with this technology sellers can start their sale even before the construction is completed.

Builds an emotional connection:
Virtual Tours allow viewers to interact within the space virtually.
It also provides detailed visuals that are not possible to show in drawings or static images.
This establishes a sense of personal connection and ownership.

Additional benefits
Along with these features, Virtual Tours have an upper hand during this pandemic.
As many regions are practicing social distancing and quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Virtual Tours are turning as a blessing for Real Estate. As it is helping many builders and developers to carry out their business safely from their home.

In this digitalized world where almost everything is one click away, there will be no surprise if, in future Virtual Tours dominate the advertising market in Real Estate.