Use Virtual Tours to stop the spread of COVID-19

The best way to stop the novel coronavirus is by staying safe at home and by maintaining good hygiene habits.
However, social distancing or self-quarantine does not mean one can not continue their regular business operations.
Many industries are now operating remotely using various online platforms.
For people like realtors or builders where in-person interaction is the most important aspect of their business, social distancing can bring some restrictions but don’t worry, we have got you covered with Virtual Tours. 

What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tours which are created using the power of 3D technology and with high-quality renders are the blessings for many industries during this pandemic
In Virtual Tours, users can walk into the house by clicking the flashing icons (It’s several viewpoints) between which you can travel like on an excursion. At every point, you can rotate the view in 360 degrees.
It gives a whole new experience of a property. 

Why only Virtual Tours?
Now, one may ask this question why to opt for Virtual Tour when we can do face time or record the tour on our camera and present it to our clients?
Of course, there are quick ways to do that but they are not as efficient as Virtual Tours to gain more clients and keep your business running in the long run.

When clients attend the open house, they want to see how this property is the best fit for them. When they view it online, they expect the same visions which static images or pre-recorded videos fail to provide. 

The main benefit of Virtual Tour is that- its immersive, memorable, and it’s the closet thing you can get to “being there”  which allows the activities that required “in-person” presence can be done virtually. 

The freedom of viewing the property from the safety and comfort of their sofa, as per their availability is just cherry on the cake for your clients.

If you are still not convinced here are some more benefits of using Virtual Tour: 

  • Better reach to client 

Since this is an online tool and viewers can view it on any available devices it increases the reach of your clients

  • Save time and money 

In traditional ways attending open houses or visiting properties is a time-consuming task. With Virtual Tour clients can view multiple properties in one go independently. 

  • Clients engagement and attachment

The interactive and dynamic nature of Virtual Tours creates instance feeling of ownership within your clients which helps them to make decisions faster and improve your sales. 


The outburst of COVID-19 has impacted many people and businesses. In this uncertain situation, Virtual Tours can solve problems like conducting open houses or property presentations without having to step out the door. In this tech-savvy world where technology is improving every day, without a doubt Virtual Tours will change the future of real estate marketing in no time.