Virtual Tours – Solution for business during COVID-19 pandemic

Health risks this virus has presented with many challenges to all sizes of business. Many industries are carrying out their regular business tasks remotely with the help of different online platforms.
In Real Estate, realtors are conducting open houses over face time or with recorded videos The spread of COVID-19 has impacted all over the world. Along with theof properties. No doubt this is the quick and safest option for open houses during this critical time but it also has limitations- it again binds viewers to a specific time and also the visuals are not in detail like a physical visit.
However, there is an alternative to this. Using Virtual Tour technology realtors can conduct open houses more efficiently and safely. As this is an online tool, viewers from anywhere can view properties as per their convenience.

Why Virtual Tours

Many developers and builders still use rendered images for their online property showcasing. Though these images are of high quality, they are still static and does not help viewers to understand the space very well. 

On the other hand, Virtual Tours are created using the power of 3D technology along with high quality renders which provides visions like life-tour.
Viewers can view the area in 360 and with some advance tours, they can even interact with objects from the comfort of their couches.
In addition to this, there are some major advantages of opting for Virtual Tours. Such as - 

  • It saves time and money

  • Allows you to customize features as per new trends 

  • It keeps your viewers engaged for a longer duration 

  • This is an online tool, so viewers can view it as per their availability and independently

No limitations on tours:

Traditionally, visiting property was time-consuming and hectic for both parties, sellers and buyers. But with Virtual Tours, viewers can visit multiple properties on one go and also revisit any property for as many times as they want. 

These Tours are pretty much independent experience hence no agent is required during this tour.

Greater reach to the clients:

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many regions are practising social distancing or self-quarantine globally.

All though the time is uncertain, we can not deny the fact that with increased home time potential buyers may want to have a look at new properties for investment. 

With Virtual Tours, it is possible to showcase properties to the world wide client.

Interactive Nature :

Interactive nature of these tours let users decide where to move within a property with the help of hotspots that are provided in the view. 

This feature holds the client’s attention more than guided tour as they are more involved and able to explore the area of their own.


This is an uncertain time for all of us and no one can predict when our life will get back to normal. But life doesn’t stop for anyone and we have to move along adapting with situations. Considering increased popularity and high demand for Virtual Tours in recent time, without a doubt soon it will be a new face for real estate marketing.