Don’t Panic: Look at the bright side of the COVID-19 pandemic

It is not easy to keep calm when the spread COVID-19 continues to grow, the numbers of infected patients are increasing every day. 

Many areas are sealed. People are forced to perform social distancing or self-quarantine. 

Businesses facing bankruptcy, employees losing their jobs, stock markets collapse, many healthcare systems are overloaded - All this news coming from all over the world brings negativity and makes us feel helpless. 

But every dark cloud has its silver lining. So no matter how sad and serious this all is, there is a bright side to it. All we need to do is focus on that bright side and keep fighting against COVID-19 without losing hope. 

SO what is this bright side you may ask?

Here is the list of few opportunities that we think the current crisis offer –

#1 More time: 

In our busy schedules and fast-moving life, we often hear people complaining that they don’t get enough time to spend with their families or to continue their hobbies.

Now that this pandemic has canceled our social gathering plans or cleared out our calendars for the next few weeks, this is the best opportunity to spend this extra time with our family or to focus on our hobbies. 

And if you are not a person with many hobbies than just sit back and relax. How many times do we get to relax in our busy life anyway?

#2 Reconsider lifestyle:

Many of us prefer eating outside daily for various reasons. But now in many areas, restaurants or home delivery options are temporarily close. 

So people are forced to eat home cook meals. 

This is again an opportunity to reconsider our habits and make better choices for healthy living. 

#3 Acceptance and adaption:

 Before the crisis, many organizations had their strict work policies which did not involve options like work from home. 

Schools, colleges were not so considerate about virtual classes in many regions. 

But now with the spread of COVID-19 people are adapting and coming up with innovative and creative options which otherwise would not have happened

#4 Kindness and humanity: 

Although we can not go out for socializing with our friends and family, people are coming up with different ways to stay connected with each other virtually. 

People singing together from their balconies in Italy, animal lovers rescuing pets from infected patient’s houses, neighbors watering plants of sealed houses, all these pieces of news are the proof that the crisis like this can not suppress our kindness and humanity.

 It does resemble our social side brightly

#5 Break to the environment:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many industries into hibernation. 

Because of which factories are closed or operate far below their capacities. Road traffic has reduced drastically, air traffic has collapsed.

With a lack of tourism in crowded places, the rate of pollution has gone down. 

This is the best time for mother nature to heal from the damages that we have done in all these years.  


All these changes that have happened during this crisis are an eye-opener for us and we need to rethink our actions.

It is not necessary to be in control all the time.

It is an opportunity to be modest and to accept many things that are beyond our control. 

Of course, COVD-19 has a dark and serious side, and people from health care sectors and other crucial sectors are fighting against it day-night.

All we need to do is to stay positive and keep on looking for the brighter side of life. 

As together with our indomitable spirit, we will get through this very soon.